If you have a Kohler Generator that you have had installed and would like to have an authorized dealer start and check it for proper installation, we can help you do so. We can ensure that the installation was done to Kohler installation guidelines. Having a dealer do the start up will make sure that your unit will be covered in the event a warranty issue arises. Improperly installed units will not be covered under warranty. All Kohler generators are supplied with an installation book.It's important that your contractor follow these guidelines. A properly installed unit is a reliable and safe unit.


In recent years, the popularity of stand-by generators has grown and has seen a tremendous number of contractors doing installations. With the growth of the industry, an alarming amount of improperly installed units has also been seen. If you are interested in having a generator installed be sure to ask lots of questions such as, "Are you a licensed electrician? What kind of training do you have with generator installations?" If your air-conditioning contractor, plumber, or weekend warrior is offering this service, that is a red flag. We do not do jobs in the other trades for a reason – we're not qualified to do so. At Halligan Electric, we have had years of training before being asked to become a dealer. An improperly installed stand-by generator can be a dangerous generator. Our motto is, "Do it right, do it safe, or don't do it at all."

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We'll install single family home generators to entire business back-up systems.

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Let us take care of the maintenance, we manage all aspects of the service and repair of any generator we install.

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Any installation over 10 volts requires a licensed electrical contractor, so you may want to think twice before having a landscaper install your landscape lighting.