If you're looking for excellent service and a people-friendly approach, then you've come to the right place. At Halligan Electric Co., our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience a pleasant one. We specialize in servicing, installing, repairing and warranty repairs of Kohler Generators. Our team will stop at nothing to ensure that you come away more than satisfied.

Services Offered (stand-by generator system specialist):

  • Generator service agreements
  • Generator monitoring systems, remote and local
  • Generator service and repairs
  • Generator installation
  • Generator Warranty
  • Generator Startup  

Halligan Electric Co. is an all exclusive authorized Kohler generator dealer for service, installations, warranty repairs and startup.

Our Services See More...

Generator Installations

We'll install single family home generators to entire business back-up systems.

Generator Service and Repairs

Let us take care of the maintenance, we manage all aspects of the service and repair of any generator we install.

Interior Lighting

Any installation over 10 volts requires a licensed electrical contractor, so you may want to think twice before having a landscaper install your landscape lighting.